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maddie fiedler

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art director, digital creator & PA

         °sometimes model & actress

creating eye-catching visuals and
results-driven content strategies. 
taking care of your creative,
marketing and production needs.

art direction & branding
content creation & social media
talent & production management


providing comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs - a cohesive visual identity will resonate with your target audience and enhance the overall storytelling experience. Combining artistic vision with strategic branding expertise will elevate your brand or project.

art direction & branding

content creation & social media

producing carefully crafted content optimized for the digital landscape from visuals to design and copywriting. With a focus on photography - fashion, portrait and lifestyle imagery. Offering social media management with results-led content plans and marketing strategies.

talent & production mgmt

assisting with the management of creative projects and events. From securing locations, and suppliers to sourcing and managing talents. I work in collaboration with agencies and talent databases to ensure delivering the best choices.

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